Master Callsign Databases

These master callsign databases are in K1EA *.DTA format and were generated by Tim Mitchell, K9TM from actual contest logs.  The files have been broken down in different ways to decrease search time.  While each of the ZIP archives are named uniquely, the databases contained within are all named MASTER.DTA for compatibility with many logging programs.

File Description Size Updated
MASALL.ZIP MASTER.DTA with both US and DX callsigns. For use by DX stations in CQWW, WAE, and everyone in IARU and WPX   322KB 2/18/2003
MASTERDX.ZIP MASTER.DTA with only DX callsigns, VE and US possessions (KH2, KP2, etc. - no USA). For use by stateside stations in CQWW and ARRL DX  208KB 2/18/2003
MASTERSS.ZIP MASTER.DTA with only US callsigns, VE and US possessions (KH2, KP2, etc.). For use in ARRL Sweepstakes  117KB 2/18/2003
MASUSVE.ZIP MASTER.DTA with only US callsigns and VE (no possessions). For use by DX stations in ARRL DX  115KB 2/18/2003

The NA Logging Program allows the user to select from a list of .DTA files.  For use with NA, we recommend renaming each MASTER.DTA file to a unique filename (keeping the .DTA extension) so the desired file can be quickly selected as needed."

Worthless DTA trivia in the database generated 11/20/2001:

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