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NA Contest logging program

K8CC and K5GO using NA NA is an amateur radio logging program for MS-DOS computers, primarily for use in operating in amateur radio contests. The operator selects the type of contest to be operated - the rules for the contest are defined by a Contest Rules Template. Templates are supplied for more than fourteen popular contests, or the user may define a unique contest. Templates are also provided for two general purpose non-contest modes for use outside of the contest. NA's QSO capacity has to be considered for long term general purpose logging, but may be used for DX-peditions or short-term operating.

NA is designed for computer logging, duping and checking in real time during the contest, with automatic preparation of the log paperwork afterwards. This program can form the basis of an integrated system for amateur radio contesting, sending CW from the computer, controlling an external voice keyer, interfacing to a PacketCluster™ system for multiplier spotting, and controlling certain computer-controlled radios.

NA Contest Logging Software Version 10
Upgrade of NA9 or NA10 to Latest Version 10
$60 + $4.50 S&H
$40 + $4.50 S&H

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Contest Voice Blaster

The Contest Voice Blaster is a software program that when used with a Sound Blaster card from Creative Labs, Inc. (or compatible sound card) turns your computer into a Voice Memory Keyer. When properly interfaced with your radio, you can use it to record and playback commonly repeated messages, such as "CQ contest from K8CC" or "QRZ is this frequency in use?".

What makes Contest Voice Blaster so unique is that it runs as a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program under MS-DOS. Once it's loaded, you are free to run application software on your computer, such as logging software, word processors, whatever you like. It is accessed via HOT KEYS. If your computer has XMS memory available, it will use it to store its messages, using only 30K of conventional memory for itself!

Included with Contest Voice Blaster is a printed manual, describing how to take advantage of the many features of CVB. Also included in the manual is a schematic for an interface to connect the audio output of your sound card to your radio's microphone input.

Contest Voice Blaster software with printed manual $25 + $4.50 S&H
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Last Edited 06/12/03