Through Revision 10.59

Rev 10.01
*   Fixed scoring problems with specific "4U" callsigns like 4U1ITU.
*   Program would crash writing a breakdown file in contests without 

Rev 10.02
*   COM ports were being opened and not closed properly.
*   Added support for the 1996 WRTC competitors by adding a new mult format
*   Fixed problem where base USA prefix in country tables had to be "W" to 
    work correctly for guessing zones and USA self-country identification.
*   Data field format is now stored in the log file header to assist when
    when importing NA log files to other programs.
*   Check for printer on-line did not always work if printer was OFF.
*   CQWW Zone Map (Alt-Z) and Zone-Country Window (Shift-F10) were accident-
    ally disabled due to typo in source code.
*   Removed Enhanced Keyboard (-EK) switch.

Rev 10.03
*   The K1EA MASTER.DTA format is now used for callsign databases.
*   Keyboard characters were occasionally being dropped with Yaesu radios.
*   New CW keyer routines with improved paddle action and CW weight control.
*   IC775 support added.
*   Date format (MM/DD/YYYY, etc.) on printed QSL label did not match format
    of data.
*   Northern New York section added to the SECTIONS.MLT file.

Rev 10.04
*   Packet window would only open if TNC Type (in CONFIG) was LOCAL.
*   The Wanted Multiplier window (Alt-W) was always showing mults on lowest
    multiplier band or mode, and the band-mode label on the window would
    not change, staying on the band of the last QSO.
    As an enhancement, the Wanted Multiplier window now updates when the
    band or mode is changed.
*   In the WRTC contest, the HQ multiplier name was being added as a new
    mult to the list each time worked.
*   Paddle Port choice was not shown correctly in the CONFIGURATION EDITOR.
*   The date format selected in the LABELS window was not being applied 
    in all date occurances.
*   Date format (MM/DD/YYYY, etc.) on printed QSL label in NAQSL did not 
    match format of data.  Fixed in NAQSL version 3.11.
*   NAQSL would not print to the selected printer.

Rev 10.05
*   When printing logs, the date would be a day or so off for QSOs in late
    December of the year prior to a leap year.  Fixed in NA 10.05, NAQSL 
    3.12 and NAU 1.22.

Rev 10.06
*   Corrected the algorithm for calculating Minutes/Mult.
*   Fixed bug in QTH MUST MATCH FOR DUPE feature.
*   Entering a frequency without a radio connected did not change the default
    frequency for that band.
*   If program is started without packet, then packet added in the EQUIPMENT
    CONTROL PANEL, opening the packet window with alt-o or alt-t would cause
    an error or crash.
*   Auto Call Check now uses length of entered text rather than the cursor 
    position to initiate check.
*   In Practice Mode, if a Callsign Database is loaded, calls will be picked
    from that database rather than randomly generated.

Rev 10.07
*   The grid map can now be adjusted to be centered on a different grid while

Rev 10.08
*   Frequency information for the local transmitter is now passed around the 
    network when a frequency is manually entered for that transmitter.

Rev 10.09
*   Fixed QTH MUST MATCH FOR DUPE (again!).

Rev 10.10
*   When using dual radio support on SSB, the transmit audio would wind up on
    the wrong radio under certain conditions when the CQ Repeat was enabled.
*   Added SETCOM utility to allow COM port addresses in the computer's BIOS
    to be manually set to non-standard locations.

Rev 10.11
*   Op Aid 6 display (Alt-F6) would crash if calls with call area digit not
    in either the 2nd or 3rd digit had been logged.
*   Fixed a number of problems related to Auto Check Partial while using a
    callsign database.

Rev 10.12
*   When sending CW on the alternate radio in two-radio mode, alt-F9/Alt-F10
    adjusted the CW speed of the main radio instead of the alternate radio.
*   Added new selections for two-radio control port to allow sharing the 
    port with a remote antenna controller.
*   Control for audible alerts moved from the PROGRAM OPTIONS CONTROL PANEL 

Rev 10.13
*   Program would crash using a Master Callsign Database after doing a
*   Packet spots sent with Alt-F3 or packet text from remote computers in 
    an NA Network would not be sent using the G8BPQ driver.
*   The date of an incoming spot was not always estimated correctly, which
    caused spots at certain times of day not to appear.
*   Added breakdown of QSOs per multiplier to the .BRK file.  Also, the
    BREAKDOWN command now allows selecting which breakdowns to print.
*   Added support for the Stu Perry (W1BB) Long Distance Challenge contest.
*   Improved the PACKET SPOT FILTER CONTROL PANEL to make it easier to use.
*   Added option to enable or disable sorting of received packet spots.  
*   Spots may now be deleted from the ANNOUNCEMENTS WINDOW.

Rev 10.14
*   The file extention for Contest Rules Template files is now ".CRT"
    (was ".TMP").
*   In contests with grid square multipliers, the program would crash 
    printing the QSOS PER MULTIPLIER portion of the .BRK file.
*   Improved operation of radio tuning keys ([,]) with Yaesu radios.
*   Improved operation of Alternate Dupe window.
*   CONFIG would not select FT890 correctly.
*   Stations could not be manually entered into the Band Map unless packet
    was enabled.
*   Duplicate entries of the same spot are now removed from the ANNOUNCEMENT 
    and BAND MAP windows.
*   Removed the ENABLE PADDLES option from the KEYER CONTROL PANEL which
    is no longer necessary.
*   Added the CFM SENT CALLSIGN option to the KEYER CONTROL PANEL.
*   CW messages can now contain the "%" character which represents YOUR
    CALL which will be automatically inserted when the message is sent.
*   CW messages can now contain multiple occurrances of the special alias 
    characters (@, $, #, or %).
*   Added IC-738 radio selection.
*   Fixed support for FT-890 radios.
*   NAU would crash when trying to DELETE QSO FROM FILE.
*   RUN/MULT or XMTR1/XMTR2 flag was not getting set correctly in .QDF
    file.  This bug affected NA 10.13 only.
*   In contests with RUN/MULT or XMTR1/XMTR2 status, QSOs made by the MULT 
    or XMTR2 radios are marked with the band in reverse color.
*   When doing OpOn with a DVP, the old messages were not always erased.,

Rev 10.15
*   Removed the MODES options from the SPOT FILTER CONTROL PANEL.
*   Fixed several problems with the BAND MAP WINDOW.

Rev 10.16
*   Multi-multi category now automatically generates logs by band.
*   In single mode contests, the band map would show packet spots from the
    current band and also one adjacent band.

Rev 10.17 - DAYTON 1997
*   Program registration is now built into NA.
*   The BAND MAP, ANNOUNCEMENTS, and CALL AREA DUPE windows now update
    automatically when band changing.
*   The CHECK CALL window did not work on SSB in contests which dupe on 
    both band and mode.
*   Added "MAIN" and "ALTERNATE" legends to band map to reinforce which band
    is being mapped.
    spot filter would miscalculate the band and spots would not appear in
    the Announcements Window.

Rev 10.18
*   Contests with ON/OFF times in the .PRN file were not marked correctly.
*   Times for upcoming skeds would not be calculated correctly (and
    therefore not visually/audibly announced on time) unless computer clock
    was set on GMT (offset = 0 in CONFIG).
*   New feature QSOS WITH STATION display added.
*   SET SCHEDULE (Alt-E) is now a full screen editor.

Rev 10.19
*   Newfoundland-Labrador (NL) added to SECTIONS.MLT.
*   Fixed mysterious problem where in dual mode contests where the first 
    multiplier in the WANTED MULTS window would be missing on SSB, but not 
    on CW.
*   The -GW (western grids only) switch was broken.
*   Added FM and RTTY modes.  For scoring, FM counts the same as SSB, so in
    certain places like the score window, the "SSB" label is now "PH" or
    "PHONE".  Note: SSB, FM & AM all score as "Phone" while all the digital
    modes (CW, FSK, Packet) score as "CW".  New version of NAU (1.25) 
    provided to support the new modes.
*   Program now writes an "Amateur Data Interchange Format" (ADIF) file
    when log files are written to disk.  See UPDATE.DOC for details.
*   Additions/fixes to NAQSL Version 3.13:
    - Mode was incorrect when printing a manually entered label.
    - FSK and FM modes added.
    - "Hot keys" to pop up selection menus were changed from old Lotus-style 
      press a letter key then enter, to modern Alt-key combinations.
    - Extra confirmation step added before deleting tagged QSOs.

Rev 10.20
*   Phone-only logs in IARU would show all QSOs as being on CW in the SCORE 
    window and on the summary sheet.
*   Mixed-mode logs in IARU would not show total SSB points on summary sheet.

Rev 10.21
*   Program would miss keystrokes with a Yaesu radio selected - fixed.
*   Minus key to set split frequency would not work with two or five digits
    in the call field - fixed.
*   When setting a split frequency on an Omni-6, the radio was left on VFO
    B due to timing in the radio - fixed.
*   Partial checking on the alternate radio (Alt-D) was for main radio band
    instead of alternate.
*   Alt-1 thru Alt-4 messages revised to send respective parts of exchange
    for all contests.  See UPDATE.DOC for details.
*   Added "auto-ID" feature for regularly IDing when running a pileup.
    See UPDATE.DOC for details.

Rev 10.22
*   All LPT ports are now initialized at program startup and shutdown.
*   ADIF files made from CQWW logs were missing RSTs and rcvd zone - fixed.
*   Score Window would show 24 GHz band as 10 GHz.
*   Phantom problem where the spacebar would no longer move from field to
    field, apparently caused during two-radio operation.  To avoid this, 
    Alt-D (Check Alternate Call) is only enabled when cursor is in callsign 
    field.  Also, Alt-D now starts with a blank call at each invocation.
*   With multiple linked computers, an incoming QSO would overwrite the
    MULTIPLIER SCREEN.  Also, when a QSO was edited on a remote machine,
    the current editing field on the local machine would be temporarily
*   In SHOW QSOS WITH window, QSOs with longer calls should show up on lists
    for shorter calls (i.e., K6BZS would show on a list for K6BZ).
*   Edit Log File Comments (which few people seemed to use) removed to make 
    room for movable screen windows in a future version
*   Support added for IC-756 and FT-920.  Also, Omni-6 owners now have
    their own selection, which assumes IC-735 emulation (ID = 04).
*   New version of CONFIG.EXE (1.05) released to allow selecting new radios.
*   Newfoundland-Labrador (NL) section added to SECTIONS.MLT.
*   Northern New York (NNY) section added to PAQSO.MLT.  (Note: NL is not
    added because provinces are already mults for PAQP.)
*   Added mult aliasing for contests where the QTH info in the exchange is 
    not always what is scored as a mult.  See UPDATE.DOC for further info.
*   Non-mult DX was not allowed in CA QSO Party for in-state QSOs.  New 
    CALQSO1.CRT template released.
*   PA QSO Party points rule added. Template Editor version 1.07 released
    to allow this points selection.  Also, new PAQP templates released 
    (both in and out state).
*   With two radios, adding Alt to Return or Minus keys allows setting main
    or alternate VFO on the non-main radio.
*   Band Map can be set to either moving frequency or fixed frequency with
    new option on the PROGRAM OPTIONS CONTROL PANEL (default is moving).

Rev 10.23
*   Setting alternate VFO was broken in 10.22 on ICOMs running 1200 baud
    as result of adding "A=B" command to action.
*   With two radios, setting the main VFO (Return, Alt-Return) would not
    set the correct radio if Radio #2 was master.
*   Fixed crash of "radio-centered" band map.
*   Check partial would not update when deleting a character.
*   Ten minute band timer would reset on remote QSO coming in over network.
*   Radio polling interval for FT-920 was 15 seconds, should be 3 seconds.
*   Checking a call on the alternate radio (Alt-D) now puts that station
    into the bandmap.

Rev 10.24
*   The alternate band map would crash when checking an alternate call if 
    the call was a dupe.
*   Band polling interval would glitch to 15 seconds.

Rev 10.25
*   Support added for FT-840, IC-706 and IC-706 MKII radios.

Rev 10.26
*   Split frequency would not be set correctly on the IC-756.
*   Program would crash if a QSO was logged with the Abbreviations List
    window open and there was no multiplier alias file (tnx many reports).
*   With two radios, Check Partial was always checking the band of radio #1
    and alternate radio Check Partial was always checking the band of radio
    #2.  Program now correctly reflects the band(s) of the active radio
*   When starting NA with a new file name on the command line, program would
    ignore the file name and open the directory list rather than going
    immediately to the information sheet.
*   When setting the alternate VFO frequency, data is now checked for valid-
    ity to prevent a program crash.
*   A remotely logged QSO coming in from the network would cause erroneous
    rate calculations - Last10 would be zero and Mins/Mult would sometimes
    go negative.
*   Kenwood choices in NA and CONFIG.EXE version 1.07 have been revised to
    KENWOOD1 or KENWOOD2, the number specifying the number of stop bits
    (see UPDATE.DOC for details).

Rev 10.27
*   QSO NUMBER BY BAND has been added to the OPTIONS menu.  When this option
    is enabled, serialized QSO numbers are kept by band rather than overall.
*   Revised protocol passed between linked computers to allow QSO numbers by
    band.  Older versions are not compatible.
*   Fixed bugs related to the CHECK MULT and SCORE windows in contests where
    QSOs are counted by band but mults by mode.

Rev 10.28 - DAYTON 1998
*   Added support for RTTY operation using K6STI's RITTY program.
*   Added capability for RTTY as a third simultaneous mode to support the
    new rules for ARRL FD.
*   Added new log data and mult formats to support RAC contests.
*   Released TE 1.08 to support new contest formats.
*   Editing CW messages has been separated from the KEYER CONTROL PANEL into
    the EDIT MESSAGES TO SEND window.  No change in method to initiate
    editing of messages (shift+Fkey).
*   Optional automatic formatting of Sprint exchange added (see UPDATE.DOC).
*   Revised abbreviation for Quebec to QC for all contests including Quebec.
*   Voice keyer functions did not work on FM.
*   Dupes were shown as zero point QSOs in the breakdowns of QSOs by points.
*   Mult breakdown would not count mults correctly in contests with two mult
    structures (ex. CQWW).
*   Multiplier file for CQ 160 contest (CQ160.MLT) renamed to CQTESTS.MLT for
    use also in CQ RTTY contest.  CQ 160 contest rules template also updated.
Rev 10.29
*   Added support for counting multipliers by band and mode.
*   Corrected RAC Winter Contest and Canada Day contest rules templates to
    count mults by band and mode.
Rev 10.30
*   Revised RITTY terminal to latest K6STI interface spec.  Users should use
    RITTY 2.34 or BITTY 1.04 or later to be compatible with these changes.
*   Added hot keys to control RITTY/BITTY features: transmit autotune,
    receive autotune, filter freeze, narrow/wide demodulator and received
    tone reversal.  See UPDATE.DOC for details.
*   Corrected ICOM radio ID for IC-736 from 3Ehex to 40hex to match radio
*   Fixed F9 window crash in IARU resulting from recent additions for band-
    mode checking.
Rev 10.31
*   Last digit of QSO number cut off in PRACTICE.LOG file.
*   Fixed bug preventing proper operation with IC706/IC706MKII/IC738 radios.
*   Multiband "mult needed" prompt message had needed bands mislabeled.
*   Contest rules template file for RTTY NAQP provided.
*   Fixed problems with score window when operating RTTY-only contests.
*   Addition of RITTY/BITTY hot keys in 10.30 inadvertantly forced reversed
    receive tones.  Problem has been fixed, but the Alt-0 key (reverse
    received tones) has been removed until the cause of the problem can be
*   Operation of RITTY receive autotune hot-key (Alt-7) revised.  Key now
    inhibits/uninhibits rx autotune with each keypress.  The text command
    RITTY now pops a window to set the rx autotune speed.  See UPDATE.DOC
    for details.
*   The rx autotune inhibit (Alt-7) is cleared (restoring the rx autotune
    state) when pressing F1 to call CQ or F3/= to call QRZ.
Rev 10.32
*   Bug fix preventing proper operation with IC-706/IC-706MKII/IC-738 radios
    in version 10.31 was accidentally omitted.  Fix now validated by a
    IC-706 owner.
*   When BAND MAP FROM ALTERNATE RADIO was selected, manually inserting a
    call into the band map would default to the main radio frequency.
*   Voicekeyer control (except playback) broken - fixed.
*   NA Configuration Editor version 1.08 now reads a file RADIOS.LST to
    determine the available radio choices for selection.
*   IC-746 support added.
*   IOTA contest support added including contest rules template and IOTA.DAT
    mult data file.  See UPDATE28.DOC for details on format of IOTA.DAT.
Rev 10.33
*   While operating phone, the Ins key now starts message 2 (exchange) if a 
    voicekeyer is connected.
*   Key remapping feature added - see UPDATE28.DOC for details.
*   New version of NAU (1.26) released to fix bug while merging files with
    QSO numbers sent by band.
*   In SAC contest from outside of Europe, entering a non-SAC callsign 
    would crash program.
*   Fixed several errors in printing summary sheets.
Rev 10.34
*   Band labels in CQWW Zone Window were incorrect.
*   Revised mult abbreviations for CQP to reflect official rules (CALQSO.ALI 
    and CALCTY.MLT).
*   Entries in the Band Map would show up on the wrong bands.
*   Esc key would not abort keymap window.
*   QTH field was busted for "rst rst qth nr" format as evidenced in
    QRP ARCI contest.
*   Revised prompts for key remapping window to clarify the feature.
*   "Ins" key is now allowed to be re-mapped.
Rev 10.35
*   Missing cursor in KEYER CONTROL PANEL at program start fixed.
*   DUPE ALTERNATE CALL can now be done from any log entry field.
*   New command BANDMAPTIME allows adjusting timeout duration of band map
    from 1-99 minutes.
*   Using two radios, when on radio 2 the VFO up/down keys sets the radio 1
    frequency in radio 1 then tunes it.  Affected all radio types except 
    certain Yaesu models.
*   Two-radio operation did not function correctly in mixed mode contests
    with one radio on CW and the other on SSB.
*   In ARRL 10M contest, a DX callsign would erroneously insert the country
    prefix in the QTH field.  Callsigns which should default to a mult
    abbreviation (KH6/KL7/VE) did not.
Rev 10.36
*   Fixed bug which caused crash in contests with "rst text" exchanges,
    ARRL DX for example.
*   Fixed bug which would erase messages in W9XT Contest Card while using
    its CW port in mixed mode contests.
*   Fixed missing radio ID for IC-746.
*   The following CW parameters are now stored in NA.CFG instead of the
    .QDF file:
    - Automatic character space
    - Curtis A/B paddle
    - CW weight
    - Reverse dot/dash
    - Sidetone
*   Text commands SOUND and NOSOUND have been deleted.
*   CQ WPX scoring revised to new rule (QSOs in country=1 pt regardless of
Rev 10.37
*   When using two computers to send exchanges with a common serial number,
    serial numbers sent from one computer were incorrect after a QSO was
    logged on the remote computer.
*   Paddle reversal feature was broken.
*   Program would sometimes crash writing output files when a callsign
    database was in use.
*   Four & six digit KG4s were scored as NA in WPX.
*   There are now separate CW sidetones for paddle and computer-sent 
    messages controlled by selections in the KEYER CONTROL PANEL.
*   A new window called CONTEST BY HOUR has been added.
    See UPDATE.DOC for details.
*   Ctrl-End key now moves to the end of the log while editing.  Ctrl-Home 
    key moves to the beginning of the log.
*   IOTA.DAT has been updated with latest continent counts.
*   Template files for MI and FL QSO parties updated to new rules.
*   Added the following improvements to NAU version 1.29:
    - The MERGE TWO QDF FILES function can now handle .QDFs up to NA's
      QSO limit (was 6000 QSOs due to memory limitation).
    - DIVIDE QDF BY BANDS (F1, then F6) has become SEPARATE A .QDF FILE.
      An NA log file can now be separated by band, xmtr1/xmtr2 for m/2,
      run/mult for m/s, or by the computer which logged the QSO.
Rev 10.38 - DAYTON 1998
*   Fixed problems with score window in contests with QSOs by band and mults
    by mode.
*   CONTINENT BY BAND breakdown was broken in WPX.
*   Improved ergonomics of the EDIT QSO TIME window.
*   New feature LOG DISPLAY BANNER added.  See UPDATE.DOC for details.
Rev 10.39
*   When using F10 in contests with beam headings, garbage would appear
    over in the Check Partial window.
*   Digits were missing from the score window in IOTA.
Rev 10.40
*   Band timer is now programmable as a parameter of the Contest Rules
    using TE.EXE.  Most contests have been set = 10 minutes, except 
    FD = 15 minutes, and some contests like SS = 0.
*   A separate point scoring rule was added for FD - CW still = 2 and SSB
    still = 1, but if you're a class "D" station and you work another class
    "D" station it is scored as zero points.
Rev 10.41
*   Revised IOTA scoring to new rules.

Rev 10.42
*   Corrected memory allocation bugs.
*   Corrected bugs when using QSO NUMBERS BY BAND with contests where dupes
    were counted by band and mode.
*   Command line switch to start RTTY screen is now -RTTY (was -RITTY).
*   Revised SS support to accomodate new precedences.
*   Revised controls for RITTY/BITTY autotune.
*   Revised ARRL format log file to Cabrillo format specification.
*   Added rules for support of the CQWW RTTY contest.
*   Added support for Kantronics KAM multimode controller for RTTY operation.
*   SOAPBOX command added to include soapbox comments in .QDF file.
*   OPERATORS command added to include operator list in .QDF file.
*   CONFIG version 1.10 released to support NA program changes.
*   TE version 1.12 released to support NA program changes.
Rev 10.43
*   Program would not accept "U" precedence in SS.
*   Logs with "nr QTH" data format would not print Cabrillo file correctly.
*   Program wrongly expected "top of form" file (NA.TOF) which is no longer
    required to print logs.
*   PAQP points were not reported correctly in Cabrillo file.
*   "DX" added to section list menu for ARRL summary in Cabrillo file.
Rev 10.44
*   Zone default for Russians did not account for oblast.
*   Removed "A" default for SS to prevent inadvertent precedence errors.
*   Fixed semicolon key to dump call on alternate radio.

Rev 10.45
*   Corrected certain UA9 CQ zone defaults.
*   COUNTRIES IN ZONE window was not working.
*   .PRN files from W1BB contest did not contain QSO points.
*   Alt-M screen in ARRL 10 did not show first mult.
*   Xmtr ID in multi-2 Cabrillo files would overwrite part of exchange -
*   Fixed problems using CQ repeat with SO2R on mixed modes.
*   RTTY would be shown as CW and FM as SSB in .PRN files.
*   Added Nunavut (VY0) to various .MLT files.
*   When using a color monitor, entries in the ANNOUNCEMENT Window are now
    color coded.  New mults are RED, new stations are WHITE, and dupes are
*   CQ repeat now has separate delays for phone and CW.
*   Added the caret as the CW half-space character.
Rev 10.46
*   CW Auto-ID would not stay set.
*   After pulling a "waiting" call into log, it would disappear when
    spacebar was pressed.
*   Added missing ":"in "Quebec" line in SPRINT.MLT.

Rev 10.47
*   Corrected missing characters in Cabrillo files for certain QSO parties
    and the IOTA contest.
*   Modified code to facilitate generating demo version.
*   QSO nr field now five digits for call/rst/rst/qth/nr format used in
    QRP contests.
*   Corrected fields sent on CW with alt-1 thru alt-4.
Rev 10.48
*   Cabrillo file name is now FILENAME.LOG (was CALLSIGN.LOG).
*   When grabbing a call from the log to spot or send to announce list,
    if it was a prior QSO the wrong frequency would be pulled.
*   Disabled certain features for teams in the WRTC 2000.
*   Fixed bug in multiplier display and enhanced "needed multiplier" prompt
    for contests with mults by band & mode.

Rev 10.49
*   Received grid was truncated in ADIF file.
*   Spot announcements were not displayed in contests with dupes or mults
    by mode.
Rev 10.50
*   Fixed crash when mults are "on-the-fly" only.
*   Fixed "barber pole" effect of text in packet window.
*   Fixed dupe alert on bottom screen which only worked properly with four-
    digit mult abbreviations if "QTH Must Match For Dupe" was enabled.
*   F4 key under SO2R did not always function properly.
*   While working SO2R QSO on alternate radio: semicolon, F2 or F4 would
    cut off CW being sent.
*   Corrected errors in reporting comment field lengths in ADIF output files.
*   When re-opening the Multiplier Screen with Alt-M, the display returns
    to the continent previously viewed.
*   When selecting a radio type in CONFIG which was the last one on
    RADIOS.LST, it would not stay selected - fixed in CONFIG 1.11.
*   Added WCF to PAQSO.MLT.
*   Revised TX QSO Party templates for RST/QTH exchange.
Rev 10.51
*   Added new precedences from 1999 to SS practice mode.
*   Improved format of PRACTICE.LOG.
*   Auto Check Partial now starts after two characters - was three.
*   Corrected errors in Cabrillo header for reporting category for Multi-
    Operator and single band entries.
*   SO2R QSOs made on second radio are now flagged in .QDF file, and a
    SO2R breakdown added with the QSO rate summary sheet.
*   Alt-F4 now works correctly to return to the original frequency after
    grabbing a spot by "point-and-shoot".
*   Modified WPX template for new 2001 rules allowing a multiplier station
    in the multi-single category.
Rev 10.52
*   Frequencies window (Alt-F) would erroneously open each time a QSO was
    passed around an NA network of linked computers.
*   Packet alerts at the bottom of log window now show callsign of spotting
    station in parenthesis.
Rev 10.53
*   IC-706MkIIG added as a radio type.
*   Added new SENDING OPTIONS MENU; see UPDATE52.DOC for details of new
*   PTT input added to SO2R interface for support of "restart CQ after
    sending" on phone with a voicekeyer.  See UPDATE52.DOC for details.
*   Cabrillo fixes & additions:
    - "CREATED-BY:" field added to Cabrillo file to indicate NA version
      which created the file.
    - Revised Log Information Sheet to better support Cabrillo summary.
      Operator(s) list now moved to Information Sheet, "OPERATORS" text
      command deleted.
    - Phone-only logs would report mode in Cabrillo logs as "PHONE", should
      be "SSB" - fixed.
*   Truncated received grid in ADIF file fixed in 10.49 was again broken -
    again fixed.
*   Gab Window now starts with cursor in the "message" field rather than the
    "send to" field.
*   ICOM radios are now read correctly on VHF bands above 100 MHz.
*   Fixed bug where if a alternate radio QSO is initiated with a callsign
    in the call field, the callsign would disappear.
*   Deleted obsolete "Novice", "Tech" and "General" categories from Log Info
    Sheet and added "Rookie" and "Tribander/Simple Wire" categories.
*   "Sent #" field in Log Information Sheet now five digits for QRP format.
*   TE 1.13 fixes file window overflow bug and backspace key on file name
*   NAU 1.31 fixes backspace key on file name screen.
Rev 10.54
*   Cleaned up nulls and long lines in Cabrillo header.
*   IOTA.DAT file updated.
*   Restored phone CQ repeat delay timing.
Rev 10.55
*   Corrected multi-2 ID tag in Cabrillo file.
*   FREQUENCY WINDOW (alt-F) would display only the first nine networked
    radio frequencies, instead of all eleven.
*   Changed memory usage to eliminate conflict between country ID prefixes
    and prefix mults in large WPX logs.
*   Maximum number of prefix multipliers is now 2000 (was 1500).
*   Corrected W1BB contest template to report contest name as STEW-PERRY.
*   Template and mult files for the WI and LA QSO parties updated, and
    the IN QSO party added.
Rev 10.56
*   Revised colors in the ANNOUNCE WINDOW to improve readability: mults are
    now WHITE, non-mult new QSOs are BLUE, and dupes are BLACK.
*   In WPX, the F10 window now shows beam heading and sun data for prefixes
    which have not yet been worked.
*   VA QSO Party files updated.
*   Corrected January VHF SS contest template to report Cabrillo contest
    name as ARRL-VHF-JAN.
*   Corrected template file problems with no country file selected and
    released TE version 1.14 for same reason.
*   First few digits of category on printed summary sheet were truncated.
*   Added formatting support necessary for NEQP (another reason for TE 1.14).
*   Corrected several multiplier abbreviations for FL QSO Party.
*   IARU HF received field is now six digit wide (allowing for longer HQ
Rev 10.57
*   With STAY ON ALTERNATE RADIO AFTER QSO is enabled, dropping your call
    on the second radio then wiping the QSO line returns the program to the
    first radio but not the SO2R interface - fixed.
*   Support for IC-756Pro, FT-100 and FT-847 radios added.
*   Existing log files using the "rst/rst/loc/nr" format would not load
    correctly - fixed.
*   Added FREQUENCY WINDOW BY BAND as a selection on the PROGRAM OPTIONS
    CONTROL PANEL which changes the FREQUENCY WINDOW to show the current
    frequency by band rather than by transmitter.
*   Added "Sat" as an additional band for FD.  (Note: RADIO COMPUTER CONTROL
    MUST BE DISABLED while on the "Sat" band since satellite operations
    typically occur between pairs of several possible frequency bands.)
Rev 10.58
*   Added points scoring rules and template file for the CQ VHF Contest.
*   Fixed timing problem which effected CQ repeat and radio polling times
    when Yaesu radios were controlled via RS-232.  This also fixes bug
    which could cause the program to crash when a controlled Yaesu radio
    was turned off.
*   Program would not read mode correctly from FT-100 radio - fixed accord-
    ing to Yaesu documentation.
*   When doing mixed-mode SO2R, the default RST was not updated when working
    a QSO on the alternate radio - fixed.
*   Corrected truncating of comments field in NA Logger w/Countries format.
*   The "multiplier name search" feature which functions when the MULTIPLIER
    ABBREVIATION LIST (Alt-L) window is displayed also now functions when
    the WANTED MULT LIST (Alt-W) window is displayed.
*   Added features to manipulate the sent QSO nr: CTRL-Q opens a window to
    allow the sent nr to be edited; SHOW SENT QSO NUMBERS in the PROGRAM
    OPTIONS CONTROL PANEL selects between showing (default) the QSO's 
    sequence in the file, or the actual QSO number; and both the Cabrillo
    and printer output files now show the sent QSO number from the file
    instead of simply the sequence.
*   NAU version 1.34 released with enhanced .QDF VIEW utility showing the
    sent QSO number in the QSO record.
*   The SO2R BREAKDOWN SHEET would only print if a "RADIO A/B" port was
    selected, now will print as long as the "Two Radios" selection is
    checked in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL.
*   Fixed line total and running total fields in the SO2R BREAKDOWN SHEET.
Rev 10.59
*   Added capability to limit logging of QSOs from only certain computers 
    in the network.
*   Added selection in the OPTIONS CONTROL PANEL to enable/disable automatic
    searching of multiplier names in the WANTED MULTS (Alt-W) or MULTIPLIER
    ABBREVIATIONS (Alt-L) windows.
*   Fixed bug where all W/VE stations would show as Announce Windows mults
    in contests where mults are by mode and W & VE are not countries
    (ex: ARRL 10M).
*   CW messages can now contain the "!" character which represents your
    location as set on the Log File Information screen.
*   Added display of bandchanges in the current hour, activated by Alt-U
    (same as Band Timer display) for the M/S and M/2 categories. A new
    1.16 version of TE.EXE allows setting "Max Band Changes" in the Contest
    Rules Templates, and templates were updated to set the parameter in
    contests with this rule.
*   Improved filtering of spots by mode, particularly out-of-band DX spots
    on 80/40.
*   Updated CQ 160M Contest template for reflect new contest starting time
    and duration.
*   Added new category F (Emergency Operations Centers) for ARRL Field Day.
*   Added IC-746Pro transceiver choice to NA and RADIOS.LST.
*   Added list of default ICOM transceiver IDs in ICOMS.TXT to allow users
    of new ICOM radios to select a compatible choice until incorporation
    into the next version of NA (see UPDATE52.DOC).
Rev 10.61
*   On FD, program would crash when trying to edit a three digit defaulted
*   In contests with zones (ex: CQWW, IARU), when the zone is defaulted the
    cursor is placed at the start of the field (rather than the end) in
    case the zone must be typed over.
*   In IARU, if a new HQ mult was entered before the callsign, the default
    ITU zone would overwrite the new HQ mult.
*   Fixed problems with Announce Window and spot filtering for mixed mode
    in the ARRL 10M contest.
*   With two radios, one on CW and the other on SSB, CQ Repeat would not
    work if the CW radio was #2.
*   Corrected problems with formatting breakdown sheet in contests like ARRL 
    10 meters which are multi-mode contests with single-mode sub-categories.
*   Modified Contest Rule Templates to suppress mode-category in Cabrillo
    header CATEGORY line for all but IARU and 10M contests (not really a bug,
    but a rather narrow interpretation of the Cabrillo spec by the author of 
    the ARRL e-log robot).
*   Implemented change to VHF frequency fields in Cabrillo files to support
    specification change.  (Again, not really a bug, but an unannounced
    change to the Cabrillo spec and ARRL e-log robot affecting VHF entries 
*   Automatic CQ Repeat for SSB contests is fixed.
*   Paddle action on CW now disarms CQ repeat.
*   QSOs/Continent breakdown will now print for non-contest files; ex: NA
    Logger w/Countries.
*   Added new selections for the SO2R port configuration.  "LPTx Std" uses
    the same Radio1/Radio2 control bit as the "other" programs while still
    supporting the mono/stereo control which they don't (see UPDATE52.DOC 
    for details and instructions for use with the TopTen DXDoubler).
*   If the CONFIRM EDITED CALLSIGN AFTER EXCHANGE feature is turned on, a
    new option CONFIRM WITH PARTIAL CALLSIGN will send only the partial of
    the callsign needing to be corrected.  See UPDATE52.DOC for the rules
    for the partial which is sent. Both of these features now appear on the
*   Band map controls (Band Map From Alternate Radio, Fixed Position Band
    Map) have been moved to the BAND MAP CONTROL PANEL (type BANDMAP in the
    Callsign Field of the Logging Window).
*   Revised the Logging Window when SO2R to provide a second QSO line to 
    enter QSOs from the alternate radio.  See UPDATE52.DOC for details.  
    The Help File also has a new section "Two-Radio Operation" which 
    describes the commands.
*   The STAY ON ALTERNATE RADIO AFTER QSO control has been moved to the
*   The file extension for ADIF files changed from .ADF to .ADI.
*   Added Default Equipment screen to CONFIG.EXE to allow selecting
    equipment to be defaulted ON when creating a new file.
*   NAU version 1.37 has Similar Call Check removed and a new feature
    CREATE/UPDATE LoTW .QDFs to allow loading QSL data into NA.
Rev 10.62
*   Printing of Multi-Op logs by band would miss non-CW QSOs.
*   The SO2R "move keyboard focus" key (backslash) should be disabled when
    SO2R is not enabled.
*   Bottom line totals were not summed correctly in .BRK files.
*   NAU version 1.38 fixed a file path problem for merging .QDF files.
*   NAU version 1.39 added a COM Port Identification utility and removed
    conversions for CT .RES files.
*   NAQSL version 4.00 deletes reading CT .RES files, adds a new multiple 
    file mode to search multiple .QDF files in the same directory, and a 
    function to write tagged QSL records to an ADIF (.ADI) file.
*   Frequency offset capability for each radio has been added to support
    VHF/UHF transverters.  CONFIG.EXE 1.15 is needed to allow setting these
    offsets - see UPDATE52.DOC for details.

Rev 10.63
*   When using SO2R, data on the alternate QSO line would disappear if a QSO 
    was logged on the main QSO line first.
*   On certain computers, NA will lock up if a warning beep occurs while the
    internal keyer is sending - fixed.
*   Added support for IC-703, FT-817 and FT-857 radios.  RADIOS.LST file
    updated to support new radios.
Rev 10.64
*   Control characters in frequency commands sent to FT-817 & FT-857 were 
    reversed - fixed (tnx AK0M).
*   Tenths of KHz were cut off when grabbing a packet spot or setting the
    alternate VFO frequency. Broke in 10.62 when adding transverter offset
    feature, now fixed.
*   Initial support added for FT-2000 and FTDX-9000 radios.

Rev 10.65
*   Revised SPOT CONTROL panel to add selection to send spot to either the
    main or alternate/sub VFO, and to allow disabling word wrap in the
    Packet Receive window (for nodes which send loooong spot strings).
*   Added year and contest mode to .BRK, .DUP, and .MUL reports to improve
    identification (tnx N4KG).
*   CONFIRM EDITED CALL AFTER EXCHANGE would unnecessarily confirm callsigns 
    containing a "/" - fixed (tnx WD4AHZ and K8MP).
*   SO2R cursor positioning inconsistent when switching between MAIN and 
    ALTERNATE radio log entry lines - fixed (tnx K9TM).
*   SO2R would not automatically return to the main radio after logging an 
    SSB QSO on the alternate radio, but worked fine on SSB - fixed (tnx W8MJ)
Rev 10.66
*   Added "period" key to allow returning SO2R transmit focus from alternate
    radio to main radio.
*   Set alternate VFO function (minus key) would crash program due to
    inadvertent typo in code - fixed.
Rev 10.67
*   When using SO2R, the default RST on the alternate radio would always be 
    599 regardless of the mode - fixed (tnx W8MJ).
*   Callsigns with non-standard portables needed to be matched on the full
    callsign to correctly identify the country (example: 9M6/N1UR = Spratly,
    not East Malaysia) - fixed (tnx K8MP).
*   Added option to send QSO numbers by band-mode, in addition to the current
    option to send QSO numbers by band.
*   Reallocated two characters from the end of the "Address2" field on the 
    Information Sheet to the "Club" field accommodate the name "Society Of 
    Midwest Contesters" per K9MMS's request.
Rev 10.68
*   Corrected RS-232 command protocol error with setting radio frequency
    for FT817/857 - (tnx to AK0M for his detective work on this).
*   CW sending would not work correctly in mixed mode with RTTY enabled -
    (tnx K9TM)
*   Band selection window would not allow de-selecting unused bands.
*   In contests with list+DX multipliers, the Alt-M multiplier window would
    not show the DX mults.
*   In CQWW, when checking zone-QSOs with F10, QSOs would be shown with the
    country of the zone multiplier instead.
*   In CQWW, the QSOs Per Multiplier breakdown for zones were inaccurate
    (tnx N4XM).
*   Fixed crash with the Bandchanges Per Hour breakdown and made the 
    breakdown always appear along with the QSOs Per Hour breakdown (used 
    to only appear in contests with limits on multi-op bandchanges).
*   Added report in .BRK file for the number of CQs called and the number 
    of times stations were called during the contest.
*   Added capability to set the non-active VFO with the minus key on Yaesu
    FT817/857 radios.
Rev 10.69
*   Updated Cabrillo file formatting to revision 3.0, and changed the Log 
    File Information screen to more accurately support the Cabrillo descr-
    iptions for entry categories.
*   Revised CQ 160 Contest to default received exchange for DX QSOs to their
    CQ zone to support new rules for 2009.
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