NA Logging Program


This is a free, demo version of the NA Contest Logging Program from DATOM Engineering. This demo version only supports the ARRL Sweepstakes and the FL, LA, MI, OH and TX state QSO parties. (The full version of NA can operate more than 40 contests, including those you define yourself).

This demo version functions exactly as the regular version of NA with the following exceptions (regular NA capability shown in parenthesis):

The NA demo program comes compressed into a single file called ZIPDEMO.EXE. It is recommended that you create a separate directory or folder and copy ZIPDEMO.EXE into it. Type the word ZIPDEMO and press the enter key which will cause the NADEMO files to decompress.

Program documentation is contained in the ASCII text file NADEMO.DOC that you will find in the same directory as NADEMO.EXE. Read this file for information on how to set up and operate the NA demo program.

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Last Edited 06/12/03