User support for the DATOM products is provided by the developers, DATOM Engineering. By providing a direct path to the people who developed the product, clear and expert answers can be provided for questions from registered users. Contact DATOM if you have questions about product operation, bug reports, or for information about any of the product upgrade services described later in this section. Please do not contact DATOM to request replacement disks or manuals - see your DATOM retailer for these items.

The preferred approach for contacting DATOM Engineering is via e-mail. To make this as simple as possible, we have provided a convenient, easy-to-remember e-mail address:

E-mail to this address will usually be responded to in 24 hours or less. We also monitor the NA-USER Internet Reflector described in the next section.

The NA-USER Internet Reflector

The NA-USER Internet Reflector is available to anyone with e-mail capability. The way NA-USER works is that interested parties register with the NA-USER reflector, then any e-mail sent to the reflector is "reflected" to all the registrants. Think of it as a big "party line" of people interested in NA.

To register for NA-USER, send an Internet e-mail message to The word "subscribe" (lower case) must appear in the body of the message.

The NA-USER Frequently Asked Questions sheet is:

The list archives are at:

In addition to swapping ideas with other users, the NA-USER reflector is a great source for the latest info concerning NA. It is also an effective way to communicate with DATOM, since we check NA-USER virtually every day.

Program Upgrades

Upgrades of the NA Contest Logging Program or Contest Voice Blaster are available through several sources. If you wish to buy a new program disk or manual, you should contact your program retailer. If you would like to receive new program versions electronically, you may either see your retailer, or contact DATOM Engineering directly for access to the Registered Downloads section of the DATOM Internet Web Site. When you purchase a new program or upgrade package, you will receive access to the Registered Downloads section for a period of twelve months, which can be extended for an additional twelve months for $10. For users who would like to always be up-to-date, a subscription service is available for $20 which will e-mail you the latest versions as released for a period of twelve months. You must provide DATOM with a valid e-mail address for this service, and the user is responsible to inform DATOM of any change in their Internet service provider to ensure continued delivery.

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Last Edited 11/15/03